7 Up Pound Cake Recipe

7up pound Cake | Pound Cake Recipe – This is a collaboration between In The Kitchen with Elisa and myself and were making our versions of a 7up Pound Cake. This is an excellent video for both the novice and the expert to follow and produce a beautiful and delicious 7up Cake. So, if you’re looking for a cake recipe for the spring/summer then you’ve come to the right place. Actually, this is a good recipe for the holidays as well.


5 Large eggs at room temperature

3 Sticks of butter softened

3 cups sugar

3 cups cake flour (Pillsbury SoftaSilk cake flour)

3/4 cup of 7up soda

2 TBS Lemon extract

On medium speed…

Mix sugar and softened butter until smooth. Add one egg at a time. Mix until smooth. Add flour…mix. Add 7Up slowly until smooth. Mix in lemon extract.

Preheat to 350 degrees.

Spray or grease and flour a two-piece tube pan. Pour in batter!

Line the outside bottom of the tube pan with foil to prevent spills while baking.

Baked for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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