Amazon must-have products Part 2

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Sponges –

Pink Bin –

Jewellery Cleaner –

iPhone Stand –

Detangling Brush –

Cheetah Headband –

No Show Socks –

Perfume Airpod Case –

Heart Initial Necklace –

Hair Tool Mat –

Leopard Apple Watch –

Hair Clips –

No Dent Clips –

Cute Clips –

Pink & Gold Organizer –

Fogless Mirror –

Bluetooth Scale –

6″ Ring Light –

Govee LED Bulb –

Wireless Charger –

Pink Wireless Charger –

tanned AF –

Jade Roller Set –

Fascia Roller –

Alarm Clock –

Mannequin –

Car Diffuser (alt) –

Cup Holder Lights –

Car Seat Storage –

Car Trash Can –

Middle Console Car Trash Can –

USB Starlight –

Car Seat Purse Hooks –

Sun Visor Tissue Holder –

Pop Socket Bear – Cotton Candy Air Freshener (10 pack) –

A bit about Amazon

While famously started as a bookseller, Bezos contended from its start that the site was not merely a retailer of consumer products. He argued that was a technology company whose business was simplifying online transactions for consumers.

The business strategy was often met with scepticism. Financial journalists and analysts disparaged the company by referring to it as Amazon.bomb. Doubters claimed ultimately would lose in the marketplace to established bookselling chains, such as Borders and Barnes & Noble, once they had launched competing e-commerce sites. The lack of company profits until the final quarter of 2001 seemed to justify its critics.

However, Bezos dismissed naysayers as not understanding the massive growth potential of the Internet. He argued that to succeed as an online retailer, a company needed to “Get Big Fast,” a slogan he had printed on employee T-shirts. In fact, did grow fast, reaching 180,000 customer accounts by December 1996, after its first full year in operation, and less than a year later, in October 1997, it had 1,000,000 customer accounts. Its revenues jumped from $15.7 million in 1996 to $148 million in 1997, followed by $610 million in 1998.’s success propelled its founder to become Time magazine’s 1999 Person of the Year.

The company expanded rapidly in other areas. Its Associates program, where other Web sites could offer merchandise for sale and would fill the order and pay a commission, grew from one such site in 1996 to more than 350,000 by 1999. Following Bezos’s initial strategy, the company quickly began selling more than books. Music and video sales started in 1998. That same year it began international operations with the acquisition of online booksellers in the United Kingdom and Germany. By 1999 the company was also selling consumer electronics, video games, software, home-improvement items, toys and games, and much more.

To sustain that growth, needed more than private investors to underwrite the expansion. As a result, in May 1997, less than two years after opening its virtual doors to consumers and without ever having made a profit, became a public company, raising $54 million on the NASDAQ market. In addition to the cash, the company was able to use its high-flying stock to fund its aggressive growth and acquisition strategy.

Although offering more types of goods broadened its appeal, it was’s service that gained it customer loyalty and ultimate profitability. Its personalization tools recommended other products to buy on the basis of both a customer’s purchasing history and data from buyers of the same items. Its publishing of customer reviews of products fostered a “community of consumers” who helped each other find everything from the right book to the best blender.

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Aliexpress (Worldwide)
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